Publishers -Yield Management – ARTYM

ARTYM is our unique platform through which publishers open their traffic to a large demand of diverse advertisers. The program, which utilizes RTB technology, creates a bidding environment where the publisher’s commodities are in high demand, resulting in better rates for each bid.

    What You Get

  • Increase in prices at 100% global fill.
  • Diversity of brands displayed on your site.
  • Brand safe environment with guaranteed ad quality.
  • Real Time Bidding cutting edge technology.

    What You Need to Know

  • No additional charge for inclusion in the ARTYM program.
  • With just a simple implementation of our standard iFrame or JS tag you will begin benefitting from the perks of membership.

How it Works

Plug N’ Play system, just implement our tags

Working with ARTYM is as easy as placing a tag on your site. No additional coding or advanced and complicated settings. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Outstanding rates for your inventory

Get your traffic into the most advanced market in the world. Over 30,000 campaign are competing to show their ads on your site, from Big Brands branding campaigns to direct response, Rich Media, Video and Mobile all on the same Tag!

Optimization ensures that each impression is sold to the highest bidder

ARTYM ensures that the highest bid wins so you will get the most out of your inventory. Get the highest eCPMs in the industry without compromising the ad-quality and control!