As a performance advertising network, JzzMedia ensures that you get the ad exposure you are looking for and as a result increases the number of potential paying customers arriving at your site. Performance Ad Network is comprised of thousands of supreme sites which deliver high quality visitors. But only when integrated with our unique proprietary technology will you reach the exact audience you need out of the many potential sources in our unique network.

JzzMedia helps advertisers determine exactly who should be exposed to their ad, at what time, and using which channels. We offer targeting via demographic, geographic, part of day and behavioral characteristics, as well as retargeting. Advertising your message to a well targeted audience will maximize your marketing efforts, that way, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of every dollar you spend.

Even after we have targeted the specific audience suitable for your product/service and reached high quality traffic, we at JzzMedia never stop. We continuously optimize your campaign with one goal in mind – to keep increasing your ROI. Our simplex3 algorithms allow us to gather and analyze data in order to learn more about your targeted audience and improve the performance of your campaign.

Key Features and Advantages

Huge reach through a single point of contact

JzzMedia is a combination between an Ad Network and a Trading Desk. Through one single point of contact your campaigns will have a huge reach of over 200 Billion ads a month. JzzMedia’ vast network of publishers join our already existing partnerships with the biggest exchanges in the online advertising world, creating not only a huge reach but also the flexibility to run campaigns in the most cost effective way, finding the best pieces of inventory that will meet your goals.

Leveraging RTB Technology

JzzMedia is one of the first companies that, from day one, was built on the Real Time Bidding infrastructure. Our vast experience allows us to make the most of RTB technology and keeps us ahead of our competitors. RTB technology is our guide to show the right ad, at the right time, to the right user, so that more of your advertising budget is used to boost your ROI and not just for the gathering of traffic.

State of the Art Optimization Technology

Our advanced Predictive Analysis Machines is one of the best optimization engines out there. It was built by knowledge acquired from many years of experience in various markets. The advantage of using this state of the art technology is that your campaigns will have the best performance possible without having a long optimization process.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

We use various targeting strategies in order to set your campaigns up for success. Whether it’s Re-Targeting, Contextual or Audience Targeting, your campaigns will be planned and executed by top of the line professionals empowered by the best technology out there.