About Us

“We are a leading online advertising company that utilizes cutting edge technology and advanced methods in order to provide the most effective service for each client’s needs as demanded by the ever changing digital world.”

Established in 2009, JzzMedia has quickly proved itself to be a leader in the industry. We believe in doing things different, in standing out in a crowd. Our vision combines creativity and innovation and is at the heart of everything that we do – we hire creative team members, we develop cutting edge technology, we create innovative methodologies and we think outside the box, all in order to achieve exceptional ROI for our clients. We have taken on the challenge of translating our vision into a technological contribution to our advertising partners and the field of online advertising. We strive to build upon the existing marketing and technological tools with the development of patent-pending machine learning algorithms. We continuously improve upon these algorithms so that we are able to take full advantage of our Artificial Intelligence based platform. Not only do our clients reach their goal sooner but with the predictive programmatic media buying that our technology offers we at JzzMedia don’t rely on luck. Instead, we use the most advanced optimization technology which helps us make educated decisions concerning each and every campaign. This allows us to achieve superior ROI performance, increasing revenue for our partners over a minimal time frame. JzzMedia offers a variety of services so that our clients can find solutions to all their advertising needs in just one place. That way, you can rest easy knowing we see the entire picture and are dedicated to making the most out of your advertising efforts.